a think tank and sustainability advisory firm
for the real estate sector


Why UpCycle?

We believe that everything can be better organized, designed and communicated. We believe companies and its stakeholders can flourish when incorporating a sustainable way of operating. It gives us lots of energy and joy when we have satisfied customers and see companies achieve sustainable growth over time.


How we do it?

The way we think and work with our customers, make us unique and stand out. We are honest, creative and want to make sure our customers feel totally at ease when we are supporting them as if we are their favorite colleagues. We ensure our customers are satisfied with the tools and results we provide.


What we do

UpCycle is an independent sustainability advisor for the real estate industry. We provide smart solutions with our services, products and experience to achieve objectives of our customers. We turn sustainability challenges into opportunities and ensure sustainability is an integral part of your core business principles.

What can we do for you?


UpCycle as your strategic and independent sustainability specialist. For specific tasks when experience and knowledge is needed to enhance performance or address specific sustainability challenges.

In Company

UpCycle can be your direct colleague and support your organization on site providing helping hands and creative brains in periods you need it most. Our international experience and know-how of the business will enable you to meet your targets in time.

Training &

One of the core principles of UpCycle is to provide insight and share knowledge in the industry. To find solutions during active workshops with your colleagues or to inspire or share ideas about the latest sustainability trends.

Case studies: Delivering clear results

Develop vision and strategy

UpCycle supported a real estate investor with a diversified portfolio to analyze its current ESG policy in order to develop a new and unique long term ESG vision and strategy closely linked with its financial business objectives. UpCycle worked as a strategic partner for the sustainability manager.

Improve performance

We provided strategic support to a large listed European real estate company to participate with several investor initiatives. UpCycle provided strategic support resulting achieving Green star status with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI)

Publish first sustainability report

We supported an international listed real estate investment manager to report its first sustainability report aligned with GRI G4 guidelines. UpCycle provided in-company support and worked alongside the corporate team to collect and analyze data, set clear targets and meet the demands of relevant stakeholder groups.


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